Meeting Information
EMSP meetings are held once a month on the 2nd Friday. Currently we are meeting at Washington University's Earth and Planetary Science Building, Rm. 203 located on the northeast portion of the campus. The building is on the southwest corner of Hoyt and Millbrook Blvd.
The new parking gagage across frrom the Earth and Planetary Science building is now open and is the best place to park on campus. Parking is free after 5 pm but you should park in the yellow visitor area on the first level. Don't forget to take a ticket at the gate when you enter. You will need it to exit the garage.
To access this garage from Big Bend Blvd. take Forest Park Parkway east to Hoyt Dr. turn right and drive down into the garage.
Guest speakers and speakers from the fossil club present a fossil related topic at each meeting. Members also bring fossils to display, discuss, or identify.
Please note meeting are at 7:30pm

P.O. Box 220273
St. Louis, Mo. 63122

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